Marcos Lutyens   

Presented by: BritweekBritish Council and LA ART MACHINE

Curated by: Bryson Strauss, Kamilla Blanche and Carmen Zella

At Variety Building Gallery April 30to May 20 2011

SPEED DREAMING is a project that explores automatist behaviors at the convergence of machines and the body-mind system. The exhibit is divided into 4 main bodies of work:

Attacca explores the mind machine interface of the segway and how space and time relationships are blurred when an activity takes place, perhaps leaving a residue at that location

Bestiary: Raëlians is part of a multi year project that traces thought forms in the unconscious mind of various groups of people. In this case a group of Raëlian bishops and guides

As you listen  An Excerpt of Erik Niedling and Ingo Niermann’s documentary.  This excerpt is centered around a Lutyens induction in New York’s Time Square

Automata Automatica A series of drawings that are based on automatic patterns and behaviors


Speed Dreaming

“One can truly desire only that which one imagines richly…”

Gaston Bachelard: Earth and the Reveries of Will

A project that explores automatist behaviors at the convergence of machines and the body-mind system.

Salvador Dalí, of the Surrealist movement, used to hold a spoon above a plate and as he nodded off to sleep, for the brief moment between the spoon leaving his hand and the spoon hitting the plate below, a universe of dreams would enter his mind. This moment of ‘paramnesia’, between wakefulness and sleep is a zone in which the inner self meets the external world in its raw state.

Central to the idea of these in-between states is an investigation that includes hypnosis as a way to sound out our mental field as well as the use of electronic technologies such as robotic automata, digital tracking and intuitive man-machine interfaces to generate a mapping of this border zone between inner and outer experience, automatic repetitions and one-off occurrences.

Through these processes we can begin to establish a sense of the pattern behind the patterns of our daily comings and goings as the weaving together of all levels of reality: waking and sleeping and inner and outer selves.

Marcos Lutyens   2011  

photos by Carlos Gonzalez and Marcos Lutyens