Eduction Erice, Italy, 2001

A performance series with Marcos Novak that meshed the preconscious mind with immersive digital worlds. 
"Eduction, the Alien Within" as performed in Erice, Sicily, Italy: The performance involves volunteers from the audience who are subjected to different tests to establish their susceptibility to hypnosis. Those who pass the tests perform various exercises in trance including hand levitation and hallucinated electro-magnetic attraction. Once they are responding correctly, they are each shown to a sensor that casts an invisible shape: a correspondence, or feed-back loop is initiated between the "space of mind" and the space between the volunteer's hands, triggered and mediated by corresponding sounds that react to "pressure" exerted on the invisible space. The volunteer who responds most favorably to this kinesthetic-to-subconscious test is, is then given suggestions of catalepsy, in which the mind instructs the body to transmute into a solid substance. As the final preparation for the eductive process, the subject falls into a state of temporary amnesia and agnosia, and fails a test of self recognition in front of a mirror. Having gone through this preparative sequence and stripped of the controlling limitations of the conscious mind, the volunteer is ready to be propelled into the navigable mind-space of Eduction.
The audience is treated to the same navigations as the volunteer, although at a removed level of conscious immersion. The volunteer's journey can be vicariously experienced on a large overhead screen, and through a 6-channel sound system. His or her facial expression, as it distorts to the sounds emitted from the navigation, can also be seen on lateral screens.
Sounds and images taken from the volunteer are fed back into the eductive mindscape in real time, so a correspondence is developed between the present, personal and actual, and the virtual, immersive and unconscious. Once the journey has been completed, the volunteer is returned to a normal state of consciousness, and the presentation ends. A private debriefing allows us to incorporate newly explored aspects of thedeep unconscious into Eduction. This information, that includes sensory a well as mental impressions, becomes a building-block to our interface between deep virtuality and the collective mind,