Soiree presented by Kamilla Blanche, Carmen Zella, Marcos Lutyens and Miranda Carroll

from Gemma Dempsey’s blog

I had been invited by my new friend Kamilla Blanche to an evening in honour of MOCA’s Jeffrey Deitch to be held at the former home of Aldous Huxley which is perched just under the Hollywood sign on Mulholland Highway . Kamillas friend Marcos Lutyens – an interdisciplinary artist who would be conducting a group hypnosis experiment in honour of the venue and its former owner and The Doors of Perception .

The location was wonderful and after the crowd had had some delicious food several people sat and were hypnotized by  Marcos who asked them to draw what they had seen – giving them a clay tablet and stick to draw with.  Jeffrey watched on from the side – shame as I would love to have seen what he would have drawn.

Marcos also put another guest into a cataleptic trance – he became so rigid he was able to lie flat with only his head an ankles supported by weighted down chairs.

Quite a different Sunday night from the historic location to the hypnotic performance!

A special thanks to Rosy Macedo for very generously allowing us to host this performance at the Huxley house.                 (40th anniversary of death of Jim Morrison)


Doors of Perception